Monday, October 22, 2012

When would you like your massage? If you have it in the morning ; will it make you too relaxed or invigorate you for the day? Will it help you sleep fully if it happens in the evening?
These important questions have to be considered along with what to choose from the menu in a genuine Filipino eatery.
Tell us when you want a massage. Simple. We will tell you where to get surprisingly tasty food only minutes from your hotel. Simple again.
Some of the little places that dot the streetscape of our cities offer the best blend of Filipino, Asian and that touch of somewhere else that makes it a joy to eat. You won’t know it from the outside because these places aren’t lined with laminate and the staff aren’t all dressed like school girls or waiters.
There is a penchant to over-deliver in the food department. So often you’ll be asked, “Did you take your dinner?”
 It really doesn’t matter what meal it is, you will get rice. The question is, “One cup or two”. You will usually have a choice of regular or garlic rice.  One time I said I didn’t want any rice with the meal and the waiter had a terrible time trying to understand. Poor chap.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Bacolod Gay Tourist

Clear clean skin is so attractive in this culture where bathing is as common as eating; although the junk food conglomerates are spreading and may destroy this.
It’s not the first invasion to change the Philippines. The Spanish moved in, added to the languages, installed Catholicism, united the people into a nation and killed an undoubted genius, Jose Rizal.
Then the Americans came. Another revolution took place interrupted by the second world war in which Japan had a failed attempt ousted by the Americans and then independence as a nation was finally achieved in 1946.
But then the people revolted against the government under president Marcos who declared martial law in 1972 until 1986 when he was ousted.
The people are now subjugated under what is recognised as a government that is in need of reform, to put it gently. 

Despite all this Filipinos welcome foreigners with an openness unequaled in so many countries.
You are more than likely to be invited home to meet the family.
Bacolod Gay Tourist wants to show you our part of this great country and our attitude to what comes naturally in expressing our feelings. Being gay or bi here is accepted as a fact of life. Holding hands or being arm around shoulder is common.
It often takes some time to get used to this but when you do, it can be as liberating as therapy.
We would like you to experience this freedom.
Come with us for a day. We are a fresh enthusiastic company eager to please and willing to work. We want to provide you with a reason to recommend us to friends and return for seconds.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bacolod Gay Tourist

I said, “It seems like everybody in Bacolod is bi or gay.”
He said, “Not everyone.”
 I said, “Are you bi or gay?”
He said, “Yes.”
It really summed it up.

What’s so different about Bacolod? It’s probably the Bi and Gay capital of the North Pacific.
You can see pretty waterfalls and ancient buildings in so many places. They get into a blur if you keep travelling. Bacolod has them too so you can add a few more photos to the collection.
But Bacolod has a little more. If you’re gay and in search of somewhere different under the languid sun or twinkling stars; it has a lot to satisfy.
The gently tanned bodies that populate the beaches are a joy to the eyes and knowing that so many of them are available to touch is even sweeter.
From small boyish bodies to developed six-pack rippled torsos, there is a lot to admire amid the palms.   
And it’s not all lazing on white sand beaches. You can get active scuba diving or jet skiing in the clear waters.   
At” Bacolod Gay Tourist” we offer a choice of ‘born here’ guides to show you the heritage buildings and recount a turbulent history of trade, possession and bloody battles. But we offer it with a difference.
With over 7000 islands making the Philippines unique for private hide-aways,  locals eager to please for the tourist dollar and the enhanced value of that dollar: it is easy to see why a trip is a must-do.
The cut male body is taken seriously here and it’s easy to catch a ‘body beautiful’ contest somewhere.